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Do I Need an Attorney?

BP Oil Spill Lawyer

In this process and in other large trust fund type claims, we have had clients ask us this very question. The answer we give is that you are not required to have an oil spill attorney to file a claim. However, ask yourself, who do you think gains the most if BP has a team of attorneys on their side and you are unrepresented?

An experienced South Florida personal injury law firm can do many things to help you in your BP claim. Not only will Rosen & Ohr, P.A. protect your rights but we can also greatly add to the value of your claim.

  • Utilizing our experience and knowledge, we will review all facets of your case before filing to make sure that a) no part of your claim is left out; b) you are submitting all the appropriate evidence to maximize your claim; and c) you are receiving all that you are entitled to receive for each element of your claim.
  • In order to accept a claim settlement, you will be required to sign documents waiving your rights to file any future lawsuits. We will review every detail of the release documents and help you negotiate any necessary changes. Being made to sign away important constitutional rights is not something anyone should take lightly. Only an experienced attorney can safely guide and advise you through that process.
  • While BP is the company funding the trust, there are other potentially responsible companies and sources of recovery. These other companies include are Transocean, Halliburton, and Cameron International. Rosen & Ohr, P.A. can help you consider all of your options.
  • BP has publically stated it will only pay “legitimate” claims. We can help you prepare your claim in the best way possible to evidence that it is legitimate.

Let Us Help You decide if You Need a BP Oil Spill Lawyer

Every claim, every business, every loss, and every claimant are different. We will use our experience and knowledge of the process and of similar businesses to greatly benefit you and your claim. Before making a decision as to whether to hire an attorney for your BP Oil Spill claim, call or contact us online to discuss your case. Let Rosen & Ohr, P.A. serve you!

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