Client Testimonials


Upon going thru the most difficult time in my life, never having to use the legal system in a worker’s comp. situation.  Finding Mr. Rosen and Mr. Jerrad was the best part of my living nightmare. They were so very understanding and knowledgeable. They helped me every step of the way! Constantly fighting for me in order to get the medical attention that I terribly needed. Their people in the office were very nice and always responded to my inquiries. Treated me with respect and helped me get the settlement that I needed. I recommend them dearly and sincerely.

H.F.S., Workers’ Compensation Client

$1.3 Million Dollar Verdict, Extremely Satisfied Slip & Fall Client

I met with Mr. Rosen and his firm after suffering a slip in fall at Walmart. While shopping at the Walmart in Hallandale Beach, I slipped and fell on liquid shampoo that was spilled on the aisle floor. I slipped, fell, and struck my hit on the bottom display shelf. I suffered a horrific injury to my neck. Mr. Ronald Rosen and his son Evan Rosen were successful after a six day jury trial and we obtained a $1.3 million dollar verdict against Walmart. My verdict was the 7th largest verdict in all of Broward County, Florida that year. Although the attorney’s for Walmart fought hard to defend the case, Mr. Rosen never gave up; he kept fighting and fighting for me, which ultimately resulted in my receiving the 1.3 million dollar verdict after the jury deliberated. Also, when Walmart appealed the case, they lost the appeal, and were ordered to pay additional money in interest. Thank you for believing in my case and working hard to get this outcome.

Ibis, Slip and Fall Client

Large Verdict Against Department Store, Slip & Fall Client

On July 3rd, just before closing time, I walked into a storage closet at Bloomingdales. An automatic light was supposed to turn on inside the storage room with my motion of walking into the room, but the light failed to come on. When I stepped forward into the room, I waived my arms to attempt to activate the light. I fell over a steel belted cart, and ultimately fractured my left wrist and my knee. My husband and I were both extremely pleased with the wonderful verdict in the amount of $682,999 that the Rosen team was able to obtain for me after they proved that Bloomingdales had been previously notified of the malfunctioning light, yet did nothing to correct it.

Shirley & Leonard, Slip and Fall Client and husband

Workers’ Compensation Case & Personal Injury Case Arise from One Incident

I got sick after being exposed to a building with toxic mold in Port St. Lucie, Florida. I started to experience symptoms such as coughing, itching and burning eyes, wheezing, nausea, raspy throat and difficulty breathing. The firm retained experts Ronald Rosen was able to determine three at-fault parties and ultimately settle my case for $130,000 after extensive litigation. I was very pleased with his firm’s handling of my case and I whole-heartedly recommend him to others. Mr. Rosen’s firm advised me that I also had a workers’ compensation case due to the mold incidence and his firm continues to represent me in that case.

Cynthia, Toxic Exposure Client; Personal Injury and Workers Compensation

Permanent Total Disability

Before Meeting Mr. Rosen, I had worked for Broward Community College for several years. During that time, due to substances within the building, I developed breathing disorders. Ronald Rosen successfully tried my workers’ compensation case and obtained a permanent and total disability award on my behalf. Because of this workers’ compensation victory, I will continue to receive medical treatment the rest of my life as well as compensation until I am 75 years old. I am extremely pleased with Ronald Rosen’s firm and will strongly recommend the firm to others in the future.

Velma, Workers’ Compensation Client

Timing is everything

I was very pleased with Ronald Rosen and Jerrad Ohr‘s handling of my case. Prior to being represented by Mr. Rosen and Mr. Ohr, my workers’ comp adjuster tried to talk me into settling my case. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to speak with them before settling my case. Not only did my attorneys advise against the settlement, they secured me additional Employer/Carrier paid medical treatment and ultimately reached a settlement for me that was nearly double of what had been previously offered before I retained them. I am fortunate to have found Mr. Rosen and Mr. Ohr’s firm and I recommend them to others.

Rosa, Workers’ Compensation Client

$100,000 Settlement After Only $15,000 Pre-lawsuit Offer

Following my shift at work, I was walking outside in a parking lot to wait for my ride to pick me up. A car backed into me while I was standing in the parking lot. Ronald Rosen and Jerrad Ohr successfully worked to get me the entire $100,000 insurance policy limits from the driver that struck me in the parking lot. Before filing a lawsuit, the insurance company only wanted to pay me $15,000 to settle my case. I’ve never been in an auto accident or been involved in anything like this before. Mr. Rosen and Mr. Ohr guided me every step of the way and helped comfort me. They were able to settle my case for the entire $100,000.00 policy limits within just months of filing a lawsuit and prior to my case being scheduled for trial.

Brooks, Personal Injury Client

Life Changing Medical Malpractice

If you are ever faced with unexpected tragedy caused by negligence, Ron Rosen is the attorney to call. He is not just a Lawyer, he cares about your devastation, you and your family. When he tells you to call him anytime you truly can. Ron will always be there especially at those moments when you wouldn’t expect a lawyer to be.

This book (attached to email), written by a client of Ronald Rosen, is an account of a Mother and her young daughter, PaviElle. The book describes the traumatic journey of PaviElle’s sudden illness, the negligence of a South Florida Hospital and its medical personnel, and the amazing courage of the mother as she ensured her daughter received appropriate medical care and rehabilitative treatment to recover and live a normal life. Mr. Rosen’s firm handled a medical malpractice claim for this client. A confidential settlement was reached for a substantial sum. Mr. Rosen is quoted throughout the book, including in the following instance, “Mr. Rosen had to be the voice of reason, the great lawyer and human being he is, and advised me that …”

Diana, Medical Malpractice Client

“Personal Attorney”

I am very pragmatic, and spent a great deal of time researching all of the local law firms, before choosing Ronald Rosen and Jerrad Ohr as my attorneys. I wanted to know that I would receive personal attention, and that whenever I had a question or issue, it would be addressed quickly. When you are in constant physical pain, the last thing that you need to deal with, is having to chase after the people who are responsible for assisting you. I did not want to find myself going down that path. I did not want my case, to be one of a grouping of 1000 cases my firm was handling all at the same time. I wanted a smaller firm, that could really focus on me and my needs. I have never regretted choosing a “personal attorney”, and have always been treated with great compassion and expertise, by Mr. Rosen and Mr. Ohr’s office.

H.M.T., Personal Injury Client