Common Myths About Elder Abuse

by Rosen & Ohr, P.A. | Personal Injury
Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Many people are unaware of how frequent and how diverse elder abuse is. That lack of awareness unfortunately allows more elder abuse to happen.

At Rosen & Ohr P.A., we believe in protecting the elderly not just by pursuing their rightful compensation after abuse, but by preventing it in the first place. With that goal in mind, below are some of the most common myths about elder abuse that together we can hopefully put an end to.

Myth #1: Elder Abuse Is Only a Nursing Home Problem

Many people have a negative perception of nursing homes, and part of that is their reputation for elder abuse. While plenty of elder abuse does happen in nursing homes, the vast majority takes place in the person’s home.

Myth #2: Elder Abuse Is Easy to Detect

This myth is perhaps the result of Hollywood depictions of abuse. In movies and TV shows, abuse always seems so obvious to the audience, but in real life, it’s far more difficult to detect. Sometimes, victims of elder abuse may choose not to or otherwise be unable to communicate that the abuse is occurring. Furthermore, they may show no outward signs of even physical abuse (you may not see a single bruise).

This is perhaps the hardest part of protecting the elderly against abuse. It’s often hard to know for sure that it is even happening.

Myth #3: Strangers Are Responsible for Elder Abuse

We would all like to believe those who harm the elderly are strangers, but the reality is that most abuse is at the hands of family members and other individuals who the victim is already acquainted with.

Myth #4: Elder Abuse Is Excusable Because of Stress

Taking care of someone whose health is poor and who may not have full cognitive abilities is difficult, and stress is completely understandable. However, it is no excuse for elder abuse. In fact, it is rarely the actual cause of the abuse. We shouldn’t allow this sympathy for caregivers to excuse the harm they may cause.

Myth #5: Elder Abuse Is All About Violence

Many people associate elder abuse with physical abuse. This is certainly a common form of abuse, but it is by no means the only kind the elderly can suffer. Emotional abuse is equally damaging and tragically common. Another very common problem is elder abuse through financial exploitation. This can involve the theft of property or income from a family member, or it may be through scams and fraud perpetrated against the elderly who don’t understand fully what is happening.

Myth #6: It Won’t Happen to You

Many people dismiss elder abuse by assuming it simply won’t happen to anyone they care about. People often assume they and their family are too smart and too tough for elder abuse to happen to them. The fact is, though, that elder abuse can happen to anyone, and there is a decent chance it will happen to someone you care about.

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